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Small talk with Glo


Glo’s been at Amigo for 2 ½ years. Time has gone like the click of a finger.  

When you’re spending that amount of time together it can be tricky to see the bigger picture. But when you take a step back and look from the outside in and click your fingers again, you can see how far Amigo have grown and a lot of that is down to Glo.  

You can’t grow a business without people, but both deserve equal care. And finding the right balance comes from a mix of years of talent and experience. Glo spent 20 years working her way through the world of accounts. A journey that led her from Project Management to becoming Business Director at McCann. Two years after, Glo became Project Delivery Lead for WPP in North-Western Europe.   

In the same way as business and people, the balance of talent and experience doesn’t come from work. Glo is a big believer in travel, seeing different cultures, culinary worlds and has a true interest in human psyche. It’s given Glo a real understanding of people and the arts. Every experience has led to her bettering herself and in turn the agency. On a side note: It also means that Glo is an incredible chef, so for anyone who has the pleasure of going round for dinner, get ready for Michelin style service. That’s not even overselling it! 

In the last 2 years, Amigo Partnership has doubled in size, taken on bigger projects and has produced more and more amazing work. This all starts from the top down and Glo has been one of the driving forces, here’s to many more years of time flying by. 

Let’s hear from Glo herself.

What is something people don’t know about you?  
I was an extra in a zombie film, playing a zombie.  

What made you get into this industry? 
I kind of fell into studying advertising. I chose it because it was the more creative side of a business degree, and it fuelled my creativity. 

Who do you admire?  
The celebrated chef and philanthropist, Massimo Bottura for his creativity, passion, devotion to keeping the artisanal skills from his hometown of Modena, Italy. Beyond his thought-provoking food (very few chefs dare to rethink a mother cuisine so cherished and steeped in history), multiple Michelin Stars and a long string of awards, Bottura is dedicated to changing the future of food, reducing food waste and social isolation.  

Upon learning how much food goes to waste daily, Bottura and his wife set up the charity community kitchen, Food for Soul to raise awareness and challenge conventions of food waste, using perfectly good food from supermarkets and hospitality outlets which would’ve normally gone to the food tips, to feed those in need. 

Food for Soul has since evolved to a cultural program which includes art, music, design, and architecture collaborators, joining forces to build community spaces where locals are invited to volunteer and/or connect around a meal, to demonstrate the value and potential of people, places, and food and encourage the community served to support social change.  

And during the COVID-19 pandemic, Food for Soul Refettorios continued to work and support those most in need and the charity managed to deliver 100,000 meals to people in vulnerable situations and frontline health workers.   

What is the best part about your job? 
The posh office in Southwark. Jokes! Without wanting to sound like a cliché, our Amigas and Amigos. Our business is nothing without every single team member who has contributed their time and effort to help build our culture and business. We were recently named a Sunday Times Best Places to Work 2024 and this accolade wouldn’t have been possible without the team. I feel very fortunate to be in such good company and having the opportunity to work with and learn from each and every one of them.  

What is your perfect holiday? 
Beach, good food, sunshine, adventure, and good company. I know this sounds generic and vanilla but genuinely, for me, these are the ingredients for a perfect holiday!
You’ve got a day off. Ideal way to spend it? 
Starting the day with coffee and a bit of reading, followed by a cycle (road or static – weather dependent!) and yoga, a lovely 2-hour deep tissue massage, then letting my creativity run wild in my kitchen. I’m a feeder.